The Blue Mirror

The history of the soul has been the story of mankind.

In the ancient Middle East, the heart was chosen as the seat of the soul when people believed that the soul resided in the blood. The followers of the god Mithra drank bull's blood, identifying themselves with the god, and Christians drank the blood (wine) of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the "Feast of the Sacred Heart." However, Jews and Muslims practice bloodletting when slaughtering animals because they believe that the soul cannot be consumed; blood must return to earth, where life originates.

Souls — or spirits — had to depart the corpse on the third day because flesh separates from the bones on the fourth day.

Ancient Egyptians bestowed souls on animals. By giving them a human body, they hoped that the animal would become closer to them, and vice versa. Their nightmare was that, once they were dead, they would be eaten by animals. The god Anubis had a jackal head and the god Horus an eagle head. Western civilization adapted this idea, and European cities often had heraldic shields sporting animals. St. John says of Jesus: "Behold, the Lamb of God." The ox was supposedly the symbol for the evangelist Luke, the lion for Mark, and John's symbol was the eagle. The white cow was revered in India; in China, the white rooster; and the Roman Empire was portrayed as a dragon.

The Blue Mirror proposes that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The narrator wears a diamond necklace with a blue pendant in the shape of an eye — the Eye-of-Faith — that she calls ATARAXIA.

The Rosicrucian philosophy is a science of the soul: To become a Brother of Light. The Rosicrucian cross is their mythical symbol for man’s evolutionary development from the past to the present and the future. Man is evolving into a divine being, a demigod. Orphism also believes in this concept as do the Mormons.

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote: "On a right idea of God, the whole body of theology hangs like a chain on its first link."

Buddhists say that we are trapped in ignorance. That’s why they believe in rebirth/reincarnation, so they can improve themselves. Like Buddhists, who do not worship a deity, members of the Church of Scientology also believe in self-improvement, trying to be free of suffering, of painful subconscious memories.

A Buddhist said that the truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.

Religious "fundamentalism" is a mind-set. It dismisses all alternative viewpoints as inferior and unworthy of consideration. It is anti-thought. However, it fills a human desire for self-importance: The chosen few.

Justin Martyr said that Judaism was the preparation for Christianity and Prophet Mohammad said that Islam has existed since the beginning of time.

Shakespeare: "There is no darkness but ignorance."

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.
~ Albert Einstein


Oscar Wilde: "The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing."

The Blue Mirror is the story of Angelica Moldavi, a young woman from Austria, who marries Laurent Le-Fouet, a dashing French marquis, and is whisked off into his decadent, jet-setting world. Laurent also introduces her to the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and together with a few friends, they decide to found their own new religion — the Church of the Veil, That Holy Dove. The book follows the Le-Fouets and their friends and relatives as they experience joys, face challenges, and mourn tragedies, all the while discovering new spiritual truths and refining their faith.

Selections from opening pages

A ripple of laughter floated through the window facing the terraces. I wondered if I would meet Prince Charming! Eager to join the party downstairs, and carried away with hope, I left the bedroom, whispering,
"Oh, Romeo, Romeo, will we meet?" …

"Angelica, this is my cousin Laurent, Marquis Le-Fouet from France. I’m sure you two have a lot to talk about." …

How my heart raced when we touched champagne flutes! "Angelica, let’s toast to an exciting future." …

I melted every time Laurent looked into my eyes, and I fancied he felt the same. His toast to an exciting future: that was why he was telling me about his family and his expectations of marrying a woman who would join his faith: the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Well, I was putty in his hands by the time we arrived at the gazebo. …

"I’ll take the Aston Martin," Laurent said, taking my hand as we walked to the car. "You should be seen driving in a sexy car." As he drove off, I said, "This is how Cinderella must have felt when she went in her fancy pumpkin coach to the ball."

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